How many Braves players are left from the 2021 World Series team?

The Braves World Series championship doesn't feel that long ago, but who's even still on the team as Atlanta starts Spring Training?

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Two
World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Two / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Braves Spring Training is fully underway now and players are looking to get rid of the sour taste of back-to-back early playoff exits. Although the glory of the 2021 championship is still relatively fresh to players and fans alike, there are only 11 players left on the Braves roster who got a chance to contribute during the playoffs during that championship.

Let's take a look at who's left on the Braves from the 2021 World Series squad.

Played for the 2021 Braves, but didn't make the postseason roster

Ronald Acuna Jr
Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves / Adam Hagy/GettyImages

Before we look at the 11 players who played in the 2021 playoffs for Atlanta, let's look at three players who played for the 2021 Braves during the regular season, but didn't make the postseason roster, all for different reasons.

Of the three players who didn't make the postseason roster but are still a part of the club, two have been All-Stars since and the other guy hit 40 bombs last season.

Ronald Acuña Jr.

The 2023 MVP was unfortunately missed the 2021 Braves postseason run because of the ACL injury that ended his season that July. He still finished third among position players in fWAR.

Marcell Ozuna

Ozuna injured his finger on a nasty slide against the Red Sox in May. He then got arrested just days later, and missed the rest of the season after being on administrative leave.

Spencer Strider

Now one of the team's two aces, Strider made a brief cameo with the club in 2021, but the Braves ultimately decided to leave him off of the postseason roster.