How far will the Braves get in the 2024 playoffs?

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Today, the gang here at the House that Hank Built crew looks 6, 7, maybe even 8 months into the future, and tries to predict just how far the Atlanta Braves will make it in the 2024 playoffs.

The participants are as follows: Chase Owens, Eric Cole, Fred Owens, Gaurav Vedak, Mitchell Barbee, Sage Broda, Shayne Nissen, Steven Teal, and myself Trent Dickeson.

So how do we see the Braves ending the 2024 season? Is there more heartbreak or maybe a parade? How about we dive right in!

How far do you have the Atlanta Braves making it in the playoffs in 2024?

Chase: This team is obviously one of the best rosters in baseball entering 2024. Injuries can determine how scary you are entering postseason play, but as we’ve often seen the best teams don’t always advance in playoff baseball. Unfortunately, I think the Braves will draw another stressful matchup with the Phillies in the NLDS.

However, I do expect them to come out victorious this time around in an intense five-game series. Sadly, I think getting over that Phillies NLDS hump may drain the team and their season will come to an end in a NLCS defeat probably to the Dodgers. I will happily be wrong on this though, and take another World Series parade.

Eric: I just don’t see the Braves getting bounced in the first round three years in a row. I think they are learning what to do and not to do with the downtime during the wild card series and I think they want another deep run badly. I also don’t think the Dodgers have the pitching depth to make it through the NL side of the bracket. Gimme another Braves’ World Series title in six games over the Orioles.

Mitchell: World Series or Bust, right? This team was far too good to score eight runs in the NLDS last year, and it’s essentially the same offense. I think AA has done enough to make sure the Braves have contingencies in the rotation in case of an injury. Braves in 5 in the World Series, let’s make it against the Yankees.

Sage: I think this is the year the Braves get some of the edge back they had in their World Series run. Transparently, they are a better team but seemed to fizzle as the adversity came. Having a healthy Albies back and bringing in a determined Chis Sale will do wonders for this team mentally. Two years of heartbreak against the Phillies, I think will put them over the edge. I believe the Braves have all the capabilities of a World Series team.

However, this season, the test will come against the Dodgers who have made some extremely competitive moves. Look for the Braves to sneak by the Dodgers in a seven-game series, and win the World Series in five vs. a Blue Jays team who finally starts putting it together.

Gaurav: World Series win over, who else, but the Astros? A lot of talent in Atlanta, and the Astros just get it done. Until Houston shows they aren’t the premier talent in the AL I will continue to pencil them in for the World Series. 

Fred: They have to get to the World Series. 

Shayne: Everyone knows that it’s World Series or bust for the Braves and though the last two seasons have been rather disappointing, it just goes to show that winning in the playoffs is very hard and teams that can get hot at the right time can take down teams that were clearly better on paper throughout a whole season.

That being said, I think we are long overdue for a Braves-Dodgers collision course in the NLCS. And once you get to a seven-game series, I think the better pitching wins out in most cases. I’m not in love with the Dodgers pitching so give me the Braves in seven. And now as much as it disgusts me to even play with this proposition, I have a bad feeling that the Yankees are due for a magical season. But it feels like malpractice as a Braves fan with a team that is this good, to not pick them to win the World Series. Give me the Bravos in 7 at Truist over the Yanks. 

Steven: Like everyone on the Braves keeps saying, it’s World Series or bust. The path to a World Series is much tougher this year for the Braves. The team has to find a way to exercise their demons after losing the NLDS to the Phillies in consecutive seasons. I think this team has the mentality to get over that gap similar to how they did against the Dodgers in 2021.

Speaking of the Dodgers, it will be the Braves and Dodgers in the NLCS in 2024. Both teams are motivated by extremely early exits despite two of the best records in baseball. LA will be tough for the Braves as they have improved drastically.

However, I think the Braves can get to the World Series and I think they will be facing the Astros again. But I will happily take a Braves versus Orioles World Series. Two young and talented teams would make for an exciting series. If the Braves can stay healthy, I feel a World Series title coming back to Atlanta.

Trent: At the very least, the Braves HAVE to make it to the NLCS. A third straight year with this roster of failing to advance past the NLDS would be a massive failure. I understand the playoffs can be a touch random and it is difficult to win, but there needs to be some accountability.

I also think there needs to be some edge and I think a guy like Chris Sale might bring that edge to the rotation. I think the Braves can win a World Series this year. The team is saying World Series or bust, which usually does not end well, but that is because it is difficult to win one. If it was easy to win, we would not appreciate it as much. I think the Braves make it to the World Series and I am going to say we win.

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