How Eddie Rosario became a Gold Glove finalist despite mediocre defense

Atlanta Braves fans were bemused and confused when Eddie Rosario was named a finalist for the 2023 Gold Glove for left field. Eddie was better than usual this year, and he’s miles better than the statue of Garrett Anderson that filled the role in 2009, but surely there were better choices.

Atlanta Braves left fielder Eddie Rosario is a Gold Glove finalist?
Atlanta Braves left fielder Eddie Rosario is a Gold Glove finalist? / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II is a finalist for the 2023 Rawlings Gold Glove. / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Who will win?

Unless something goes terribly wrong, I suspect David Peralta will win his second Gold Glove in left field. Peralta’s metrics are better than those of Rosario and Happ.

Ron Washington may eventually make Riley a Gold Glove winner but Ke'Bryan Hayes and Ryan McMahon have superior metrics to him. I see Hayes adding hardware to his trophy case this year.

I’d love to be optimistic about Michael Harris II winning a Gold Glove, but I can’t. Benton Doyle patrols the largest center field in the league and has eyewatering metrics.

Doyle posted 19 DRS, a 24.5 UZR, a 16 OAA, and on August 13, he had an 11.7 SDI, while Harris posted a 2 DRS, 5.3 UZR, 6 OAA, and a 3.3 SDI.

Sorry Mikey, maybe next year.

That’s a Wrap

Before Eddie’s fans send out a lynching party, let me remind you that I wanted to add Eddie in 2019 and was happy to see him arrive in time to help win the World Series, but I think we all know he’s not a Gold Glove defender. 

There’ll be other years for Harris and Riley, but it isn’t going to get easier. Individual awards are great ways to recognize talent, but the real award is postseason play and rings. I know Harris, Riley, and the rest of the roster the same.