How Alex Anthopoulos can reload the Braves roster for the 2024 season

The Atlanta Braves have made a flurry of transactions in recent days that have left several vacancies on the 40-man roster.
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A defense-first utility infielder is not a high priority for the Braves

Orlando Arcia
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Braves starters typically play almost every game. Bench players are not a big part of the equation in Atlanta now that the NL has a DH. So, unless someone suffers an injury, the Braves don't need to invest a whole lot in a utility player who wouldn't be a real option to replace an injured player in the long term anyway.

Projection: Look for the Braves to sign a free-agent utility player with a track record of being a Major League caliber defender from the bottom of the discount bin. Players like Kevin Smith who has 779.1 career innings with 4 defensive runs saved over four positions (3B, SS, 1B, and LF) would represent the type of discounted utility player who would be essentially as effective as the guys they let go.

Smith is a league-minimum player and is pre-arbitration eligible. It's not sexy or splashy but it results in a net savings for essentially the same production from the bench. I'm not saying Kevin Smith is the guy, I'm saying I expect someone like Kevin Smith to be the guy.

Braves could be looking for an upgrade at shortstop

Orlando Arcia is a low-cost serviceable option at shortstop. He was solid with the glove posting -6 DRS but finishing in the 88th percentile in OAA. With the bat, he posted a 98 OPS+, which is the highest of his career. He's a decent value for the two million dollars the Braves will pay him in 2024, but AA has to be open to an upgrade should the opportunity present itself.