Guessing random Atlanta Braves players from the past: You may have been on camera

Can you guess this former Atlanta Braves player before using all five of our hints?

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Cameron Maybin
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Answer: Cameron Maybin

Although Cameron Maybin spent just one season in Atlanta, it happened to be one of the better seasons in his long career. Maybin was acquired by Atlanta in the trade that sent Craig Kimbrel to San Diego. Although the prospects that came back to Atlanta in that trade didn't pan out, the Braves did receive a competitive balance draft pick as well (one that would later turn into sir Austin Riley).

Maybin has long been regarded as an excellent clubhouse guy wherever he was in his big league career. That is part of the reason you often see him today involved with numerous baseball broadcasts because of how well-liked he is. His playing career isn't something to overlook though as his 13.5 bWAR and nearly 200 stolen bases provided value for a plethora of MLB teams.