Guessing random Atlanta Braves players from the past: Wicked difficult

Can you guess this former Atlanta Brave in before using all five of our hints?
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Bob Wickman
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Answer: Bob Wickman

Bob Wickman began his MLB career with the New York Yankees back in 1992. The Yankees let him try his hand at being a starting pitcher in 1993 and he had some success with a 14-4 record but his ERA was well over 4.00.

Wickman found his way back into the bullpen and turned out to be a reliable arm for high stress situations for a long time.

He found his way to the Atlanta Braves organization at the tail end of his career. After going 3-5 with 38 saves and a 2.84 ERA in almost 70 innings of work, Wickman went to the Diamondbacks where his career would come to a close following the 2007 season.

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