Guessing random Atlanta Braves players from the past: This is odd

Play along with our daily Atlanta Braves trivia game. Use the five provided hints to guess the former Braves player.
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Hint #3 (Individual Accolades): This player was never an all-star nor did he win a World Series title. The closest he came to winning an individual award was finishing 4th in American League Rookie of the Year voting in 1985. 

Hint #4 (Braves Stats): This player was with the Braves in 1989 and 1990. He played a total of 189 games for Atlanta across these two seasons because the first half of 1989, he was with Cleveland. 

Hint #5 (Random Fact): This player was oddly drafted on six separate occasions. The Texas Rangers were the team to select him two times and ended up being the team he began his career with in 1985.