Guessing random Atlanta Braves players from the past: Shut it down

Can you guess this former Atlanta Braves player before using all five of our hints?

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Rafael Soriano
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Answer: Rafael Soriano

Future big league relievers will have a tough time surpassing the career Rafael Soriano put together over his 14 years. Born in the Domincan Republic, Soriano broke into the bigs with Seattle all the way back in 2002. His three years in Atlanta were short, but they were some of the most effective in his career, racking up 188 Ks in just 161.2 innings.

From there Soriano went on to have a career year with the Rays in 2010 earning him his accolades we previously mentioned. Rafael finished up his major league career in 2015 with the Cubs, and when it was all said and done he racked up a 13.8 bWAR, 207 saves, and compiled a 2.89 ERA and 3.35 FIP.