Guessing Obscure Braves Players from the Past: Don’t get Caught Stealing Answers

Use these five hints to guess this former Braves player in our daily trivia game!
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Answer: Eddie Perez

Eddie Perez was signed internationally by the Atlanta Braves. It was not until 1995, at the age of 27, when Perez made his MLB debut. He played his last game on September 27th, 2005. 

In his 9 seasons with the Atlanta Braves, Perez was a .251 hitter with 29 home runs and 123 RBIs. He is now on board with the Braves coaching staff and is continuing to make a difference in this great organization. 

Perez may not be known as one of the best players in MLB history but he is most certainly known as an Atlanta Brave that has contributed to the success of the team in multiple roles.