Guessing Obscure Braves Players from the Past: Don’t get Caught Stealing Answers

Use these five hints to guess this former Braves player in our daily trivia game!

New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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Hint #3 (Career Stats): Across 11 seasons, this player appeared in 564 games. He collected 386 hits and posted a .253 career batting average. He has a total of 85 doubles, 40 home runs and 172 RBIs. 

Hint #4 (Years with teams and numbers worn): This player was with the Braves from 1995-2001. In 2002, he went to Cleveland. In 2003, he was with the Milwaukee Brewers. He ended his playing career by returning to the Braves from 2004-2005. 

Hint #5 (Positions/Roles): This player’s primary position was catcher while also making some appearances as a first baseman. He is still involved in the Braves organization in a mighty way as he is part of the current coaching staff.