Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves Players from the Past: We Are Not Lying

Play along with our daily Atlanta Braves trivia! Use five provided hints to guess this obscure Atlanta Braves player from the past. Check back in each day for a new game!
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
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Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
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Hint #3: During his career, this player wore the following jersey numbers: 61, 23, 11, 35, 17, 37, 27, 55 and 24. His primary position was first base.

Hint #4: In his 14 season career, this player hit .266 in 1,587 games. He has a career 1,355 hits with 151 home runs and 675 runs batted in. Speed was not his forte as he only totaled 19 career swiped bags.

Hint #5: This player was not with the Atlanta Braves long at all. In fact, he only played with the Braves for a total of 20 games in the 2012 season before moving on to the New York Yankees in 2013.

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