Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves Players from the Past: This is a tough one

Play along with our daily Atlanta Braves trivia! Use five hints to guess the former player.

New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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The daily trivia game ‘Immaculate Grid’ has been a fun and exciting challenge for baseball fans. We wanted to create something similar related to the Atlanta Braves. Welcome to House That Hank Built’s new series: Guessing Obscure Braves Players From the Past! Missed yesterday’s? Play here

We will give you five hints at a random player that donned an Atlanta Braves jersey and see if you can guess from there! Have fun and no cheating! There is only one answer. Here we go!

Hint #1: This player spent a total of 6 seasons in the MLB. He made appearances for the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers and Toronto Blue Jays. 

Hint #2: During 6 seasons, this player wore jersey numbers: 64, 25, 21, and 47. For the Atlanta Braves, he wore number 25. 

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Hint #3: This player did not receive any individual awards or all-star selections. He was also never a part of a World Series championship. 

Hint #4: This player was a big left handed hitter who stood at 6 '2 and weighed in at 245 pounds. He swung left handed but threw with his right hand. 

Hint #5: This player’s primary positions included third base, first base, and pinch hitter. For the Atlanta Braves in 2012-2013, he primarily played the hot corner. 

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Answer: Juan Francisco

Juan Francisco made his MLB debut in 2009 at the age of 22. He made his way into the Atlanta Braves organization in 2012 and stayed around until the middle of the 2013 season. 

He appeared in a total of 128 games for the Atlanta Braves. Over that span, Francisco hit .237 with 14 home runs and 48 runs batted in. Francisco played behind Braves legend Chipper Jones for one season and behind Chris Johnson in the other. 

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