Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves Players from the Past: The Dude Abides

Play Atlanta Braves daily trivia and guess the former player based on five hints.
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Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
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Hint #3: This player had a solid career throughout his 17 seasons with a career .275 average and over 2,000 base hits. He has 211 home runs and 951 runs batted in. This player also has a total of 209 career stolen bases. 

Hint #4: This player wore four different numbers throughout his career: 61, 7, 4, and 0. He is best known for the number 4 on the back of his jersey. 

Hint #5: This player was referred to in some cases as B-Peezy or Dat Dude. He actually sported the nickname ‘Dat Dude’ on the back of his jersey for the Atlanta Braves during player’s weekend. 

Hopefully, you were able to guess after that last hint. This player had some of the most infectious energy and always played the game with the pedal to the floor. He's made some of the best defensive plays in MLB history.

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