Guessing obscure Atlanta Braves players from the past: Primetime edition

There have been so many players to don a Braves uniform over the years. Some are more notable than others. Put your skills to the test and see if you can guess who today's featured player is.

New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
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Deion Sanders
Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays / Rick Stewart/GettyImages

Answer: Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders, or Prime Time, is obviously well-known in the football world. However, his success in the MLB often gets overlooked.

Sanders was actually drafted in two separate MLB drafts. In 1985 directly out of high school, he was drafted in the 6th round. He decided to go to Florida State University where he played football and baseball. 

Following his college career, he was drafted again to the MLB in 1988. He wound up with the Braves in 1991 and played 292 in his time with the Atlanta organization. Sanders hit .277 with 22 home runs and 90 runs batted in over this stretch to go along with 75 stolen bases. 

He now serves as the head coach for the University of Colorado’s football program and is turning around a historically low-performance program in the right direction. 

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