Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves Players from the Past: No Guilt in Guessing Wrong

Play along with our daily Atlanta Braves trivia! Use five hints to guess this obscure Atlanta Braves player from the past.
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
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Answer: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen played for the Braves from 1998-1999. He made his major league debut on April 9th of 1985 and played his last game on October 1st, 2000. Once making the transition from player to manager, Guillen continued to succeed. 

He went 747-710 as a manager, winning one American League title and one World Series championship. He was at the helm of the ship for the Chicago White Sox from 2004-2011 and was the skipper of the Miami Marlins in 2012. 

Guillen is probably more known for his success as a manager rather than a player but he is most certainly forgotten about when discussing former Atlanta Braves players. 

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