Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves Players from the Past: 10/13/2023

Play our daily Atlanta Braves trivia! Use five provided hints to guess a random Braves player.

New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
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The daily trivia game ‘Immaculate Grid’ has been a fun and exciting challenge for baseball fans. We wanted to create something similar related to the Atlanta Braves. Welcome to House That Hank Built’s latest series: Guessing Obscure Braves Players From the Past! Missed yesterday’s? Play here. 

We will give you five hints at a random player that donned an Atlanta Braves jersey and see if you can guess from there! Have fun and no cheating! This one is rad. 

Hint #1: This player spent a total of 6 years in the MLB. He made appearances for the Oakland A’s, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays. 

Hint #2: Across his 6 major league seasons, this player wore the following jersey numbers: 49, 62, 26, 7, 14, 36 and 11. During his time with the Atlanta Braves, he wore both jersey numbers 26 and 7. 

Do you think you know it already? If so, jump to the last slide to check your answer. If not, use the next page for more hints. 

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Hint #3: This player was never selected as an all-star nor did he win a World Series. He was more of a role player as he only had one season where he appeared in over 100 games. 

Hint #4: This player was a switch hitter who was mainly used as a pinch hitter, third basemen and second basemen. 

Hint #5: This player has one notorious moment with the Atlanta Braves. He capped off an incredible comeback in a regular season day game against the Cincinnati Reds with a walk-off grand slam that was almost caught. 

Do you know it now? If so, check your answer on the last page. If not, see if you remember this player in an Atlanta Braves uniform. 

San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves
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Answer: Brooks Conrad

The Houston Astros selected Brooks Conrad in the 8th round of the 2001 MLB draft out of Arizona State University. He did not make his MLB debut until 7 years later with the Oakland A’s. 

Conrad was with the Braves from 2009-2011. During this time, he served as a role player that could hit from either side of the plate in a pinch. 

In his three seasons with Atlanta, Conrad hit .233 with 14 home runs and 54 runs batted in. These statistics may be a culmination of three seasons but it only was across 225 games. 

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