Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves Players From the Past: 10/11/23

Play our daily Atlanta Braves trivia! Use five provided hints to guess who the former Braves player is. Good luck!
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Answer: Vinny Castilla

Vinny Castilla made his MLB debut in 1991 for the Atlanta Braves at the age of 24. He was with the Braves from 1991 through 1992 where he only saw action in 21 games.

After having some success elsewhere, Castilla re-joined the Braves organization in 2002. He played for Atlanta for two more seasons (2002 and 2003). During his four seasons with the Braves, Castilla played in a total of 311 games.

He hit .254 over this stretch with 34 home runs and 138 runs batted in. Castilla was most certinaly strikeout prone during his time with the Braves as he was retired on strikes 161 times in these 311 games. He bounced around a little more after leaving the Braves again and retired with the Rockies in 2006 where he spent the majority of his career.

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