Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves from the Past: This One is a Beast

Play along with our daily Braves trivia! Use five hints to guess this player!

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Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
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Hint #3 (Career Stats): Over his 15 seasons, this player was a career .284 hitter. He has 287 career home runs to go along with 1,031 RBIs. He has 1,808 career hits with 338 doubles and 37 triples. 

Hint #4: (Nickname): During the stretch of this player’s career, he was selected for many endorsements. These came in the time frame of 2009-2012. His mentality and work ethic was referred to as “Beast Mode”. Similar to the “Mamba Mentality” this was just a philosophy to encourage people to buy into keeping a good work ethic to be successful. 

Hint #5 (Numbers Worn): For someone who played for five different teams, this player did something impressive besides just putting up great numbers. He also wore the same number on the back of his jersey, regardless of what was on the front. He wore #27 all 15 years of his MLB career. 

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