Guessing Obscure Atlanta Braves from the Past: This One is a Beast

Play along with our daily Braves trivia! Use five hints to guess this player!
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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The daily trivia game ‘Immaculate Grid’ has been a fun and exciting challenge for baseball fans. We wanted to create something similar related to the Atlanta Braves. Welcome to House That Hank Built’s new series: Guessing Obscure Braves Players From the Past!

We will give you five hints at a random player who donned an Atlanta Braves jersey and see if you can guess from there! Have fun and no cheating! This one is a beast. 

The Braves went through a period of rebuilding seasons from 2014-2017. During this time, player turnover was very high. Let’s see if you can guess this former Braves player from these hints. 

Hint #1 (Career and Teams): This player had a 15-year MLB career. The majority of his time in the majors was spent with the Los Angeles Dodgers (10 years). He was with the San Diego Padres for 2 seasons, the Atlanta Braves for 2 seasons then the Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds for 1 season each.

Hint #2 (Accomplishments and Awards): This player was a 3X All-Star (all with the Dodgers). He finished 10th in Most Valuable Player voting in 2009 and 2nd in 2011. He has two Gold Glove Awards and two Silver Slugger Awards. 

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