Grades for each NL East team’s trade deadline

The Atlanta Braves have the biggest division lead in baseball. Did the rest of the NL East do enough to flirt with closing that gap? At the very least did the teams improve enough to secure a potential wild card berth? Let’s look at every trade made and hand out some grades.

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Philadelphia Phillies: C

It’s hard to hand out grades on deals with prospects already, but it’s especially the case when you don’t know what you’re going to get from the major league player involved in the deal.

The Phillies have known what their roster is and it’s potential all year. Truthfully, there wasn’t many moves to make for Philadelphia. Their second half really consists of the hope of more career like numbers from the guys they are paying (Turner and Schwarber to be specific).

But as they cling to a narrow lead in the wild card standings, some sort of move had to be made by Dave Dombrowski. This led to the trade for All-Star Michael Lorenzen from Detroit for prospect Hao-Yu Lee.

Yesterday, our writer Logan, wrote about how the Braves could regret not being the ones to jump in on a deal for Lorenzen. However, he still provides a puzzling case as his numbers are better than his peripherals would suggest. That being said, Lorenzen certainly stabilizes the backend of the Phillies rotation and makes them a scarier postseason opponent.