Former Braves: Checking in on Guillermo Heredia

The Braves fan favorite has starred in the KBO

Atlanta Braves v Oakland Athletics
Atlanta Braves v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Guillermo Heredia became a fan favorite in the two years he spent with the Atlanta Braves, despite not offering much value offensively. But his wild celebrations and iconic interviews were enough for Braves Country to fall in love with him.

Unfortunately, after the 2022 season, the Braves parted ways, and Heredia became a free agent. It's been almost a full season since Heredia donned a Braves uniform, but his baseball career has continued.

Of course, you only watch American baseball, you probably haven't even noticed. If you're a fan of the KBO, however, you'd know that Heredia has been one of the team's best hitters.

How has Guillermo Heredia fared in South Korea?

A week after being let go by the Braves organization, it was reported that Heredia was signing with a KBO team. That team turned out to be the SSG Landers.

While this would mean Braves fans wouldn't be able to see him in an opposing team's dugout this season, it would mean Heredia would see the field far more than he had in the previous season.

The goofiness hasn't changed. Heredia is still having more fun playing baseball than anyone else. He's goofing around with teammates, with umpires, and sometimes he'll even take fans from fans.

The biggest difference is that now, Heredia is a full-time starter with the SSG Landers, primarily playing LF, and he's been excellent. He is currently third in the KBO in AVG, with a .332 AVG. He's slashing .396/.492/.888, good for a 149 wRC+!

The Landers have been a good team as well, currently in third place behind the first-place LG Twins and second-place KT Wiz.

Unfortunately, it's not all good news when it comes to Guillermo. He's been out since August 3 after coming out in the middle of the game with a thigh muscle injury that could keep him out a month (here's the Korean announcement).

Hopefully he gets well soon and continues to dominate the league.