Don't blame Nike, the Atlanta Braves have constantly tweaked their iconic uniforms

This year, the Braves will take the field in slightly different uniforms from their iconic uniforms, but this isn't the first time there have been tweaks, and it's not just Nike.

Atlanta Braves v Florida Marlins
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The last names

This year, the last names on jerseys will be more arched and smaller than in previous seasons, but this isn't the first time the Braves have changed the way last names appear.

In 1987, last names were sewn into nameplates, which were then sewn onto the back of the uniforms. The lettering was vertically arched, which was a method that had each letter angled slightly differently to produce an upward or downward slant, according to Uni-Watch.

Tom Glavine
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This was how it was done until 2006, when the Braves switched from vertical arching to the easier-to-produce radial arching.

Tom Glavine
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In 2014, the Braves did away with nameplates all together. This is how things looked until this upcoming season, thanks to the new number and lettering uniformity implemented by Nike.

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