Despite big-name acquisitions, Dodgers still playing catch-up with the Braves

The Atlanta Braves are still better than the Dodgers, even after the acquisitions of Glasnow and Ohtani.

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Braves offense is still better than the Dodgers

JD Martinez
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Ohtani did not make the Dodgers a better offense. In fact, his Streamer projections have him doing about what J.D. Martinez did for the Dodgers at DH last year!

Everyone is talking about how scary the top three hitters for the Dodgers will be next season. Look at how scary the Braves top seven hitters are. You can put the Braves top three up against the Dodgers right now. Dodgers fans aren't going to want to go much further than that. The Braves have a deep lineup. They are bringing back most of the same group that entrenched themselves as one of the greatest offenses of all time in 2023.

The Dodgers have Jason Heyward, Chris Taylor, Gavin Lux, and James Outman rounding out their projected lineup. The Dodgers have four guys projected to finish with an OPS of .799 or higher (Streamer projections). The Braves have seven projected to finish with a .799 OPS or higher.

If there is anything we learned from Shohei Ohtani's time with the Angels, it's that one or two great players in a lineup is not enough by themselves. The Braves have excellence up and down the lineup. There is no respite for opposing pitchers. Oh, and may the Lord have mercy on opposing pitchers if Jarred Kelenic figures it out this year.

If I am putting my money on anyone, the Braves are the easy choice. Check out my Atlanta Braves daily podcast if you need more Braves content in your life.

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