Current Atlanta Braves You Need to Know for Immaculate Grid

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The Immaculate Grid has taken the baseball world by storm. If you are an Atlanta Braves fan then you probably do very well on days the Braves are in the grid. To ensure you achieve a stellar rarity score on days the Braves are involved, we are providing you the 411 on current Braves you need to know.

Kirby Yates

Kirby Yates is a former closer who led the league in saves in 2019 with 41 for the Padres. Like most relievers, it was a long journey to where he is today. Yates has quite the resume on him. At 36 years of age, he has nine years in the league with appearances for five different franchises.

1. Tampa Bay Rays
2. New York Yankees
3. Los Angeles Angels
4. San Diego Padres
5. Atlanta Braves

Raisel Iglesias

Raisel Iglesias has been a closer for three different teams now.

1. Cincinnati Reds
2. Los Angeles Angels
3. Atlanta Braves

Pierce Johnson

The newly acquired reliever accumulated 13 saves with the Rockies this year. However, he has played for five different ballclubs across six season!

1. Chicago Cubs
2. San Francisco Giants
3. San Diego Padres
4. Colorado Rockies
5. Atlanta Braves

Collin McHugh

1. New York Mets
2. Colorado Rockies
3. Houston Astros
4. Tampa Bay Rays
5. Atlanta Braves

Charlie Morton

Charlie Morton has been around. He has come full circle with the Braves after beginning his career in Atlanta.

1. Atlanta Braves
2. Pittsburgh Pirates
3. Philadelphia Phillies
4. Houston Astros (Got Good Here)
5. Tampa Bay Rays
6. Atlanta Braves

Brad Hand

One of the newest additions to the Braves, Brad Hand is the first player to play for all of the NL East teams.

1. Florida/Miami Marlins
2. San Diego Padres
3. Cleveland Guardians
4. Washington Nationals
5. New York Mets
6. Toronto Blue Jays
7. Philadelphia Phillies
8. Colorado Rockies
9. Atlanta Braves

Marcell Ozuna

1. Miami Marlins
2. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Atlanta Braves

Kevin Pillar

1. Toronto Blue Jays
2. San Francisco Giants
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Colorado Rockies
5. New York Mets
6. Los Angeles Dodgers
7. Atlanta Braves

Travis d'Arnaud

Travis d'Arnaud has been a good selection for me in the past when I get Braves/Dodgers. Many people forget that he had one plate appearance for the Dodgers before the Rays basically bought him for a small amount of cash and like a bag of bats.

1. New York Mets
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Tampa Bay Rays
4. Atlanta Braves

Eddie Rosario

Don't forget that Eddie played 78 games for Cleveland before the Braves traded for him in 2021.

1. Minnesota Twins
2. Cleveland Guardians
3. Atlanta Braves

Jesse Chavez

The most traded man in history, Jesse Chavez. He's like a Rich Hill cheat code.

1. Pittsburgh Pirates
3. Kansas City Royals
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. Oakland A's
6. Los Angeles Dodgers
7. Los Angeles Angels
8. Texas Rangers
9. Chicago Cubs
10. Atlanta Braves

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