Comparing Swanson and Arcia ahead of the upcoming Braves vs. Cubs series

The Atlanta Braves take on Dansby Swanson and the Chicago Cubs today for the first time since Dansby departed. We examine which player has been better in 2023.
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Conclusion: Who is Better, Dansby Swanson or Orlando Arica?

Who is better? Easy answer if you are Braves fan. Orlando Arcia.

Dansby might have the edge in WAR thanks to his defensive contributions. He may be the better overall player. However, it is close enough that I think any Braves fan in their right mind would take Arcia's value.

Here is the cost per Win Above Replacement for each player.

We are 65% of the way through the season. That means Dansby has earned about $9,100,000 of his $14,000,000 so far. Likewise, Arcia has earned 1,495,000 of his 2,300,000.

Dansby Swanson has a 3.8 rWAR. That means it costs the Cubs $2.4 million per WAR.

Orlando Arcia has a 2.1 rWAR. That has cost the Braves just $711,904 per WAR.

Overall Winners: The Atlanta Braves and Orlando Arcia.

I'm not biased.