Brian Snitker ejected because umpires forgot what a foul ball looks like

The Atlanta Braves lost manager Brian Snitker after arguing a horrific non-call by the umpire crew during Wednesday's game against the Cubs.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

Atlanta Braves fans are no strangers to manager ejections as former manager Bobby Cox received a plethora of them over the years. Brian Snitker may not reach Bobby's record but he certainly knows how to let into an umpire when he needs to.

During the top of the second inning of Wednesday night's game against the Cubs, the Braves were looking to keep Chicago off the board. However, that was not what occurred thanks to one of the worst umpire decisions ever seen.

There was confusion as Sean Murphy thought the ball was fouled off and didn't immediately go after the ball. Home plate umpire, Shane Livensparger, deemed it a passed ball and allowed the Cubs to tie the game at 1 apiece.

Initial replay review showed the ball VERY clearly was fouled off the bat of Candelario. Snit went out to ask the umpires to talk it over because, surely, someone saw the ball foul off the bat. Right?

You'd be wrong because that is not what happened. These umpires have lost their minds and absolutely missed the call. I don't know how you miss something that obvious unless you've completely forgotten what a foul ball looks like. It was one of the worst calls I've ever seen.

This play is not reviewable and it makes absolutely no sense for that to not be reviewable. It's insanity that MLB is okay with this kind of game-changing call being unreviewable. Imagine if this happened in a playoff game in a pivotal moment. It cannot happen.

Even worse, the ball was fouled off the bat and hit the umpire in the leg after the ball bounced after the hit! How on earth do you miss a call right in front of you?

Snitker was calm at first and clearly upset that they deemed the runner safe and that the ball was a passed ball. He was eventually tossed from the game by Dan Bellino, who is known for quick ejections. Snit seemed to argue there was no reason he should be tossed for arguing that call. Honestly, he's right.

Nevertheless, when he was tossed, he absolutely got his money's worth. There's no way I'd have walked away from that without letting them know how absolutely awful they are for missing that. Major League Baseball is really going to need to revisit this review rule in the offseason.

Luckily, Darius Vines was able to get Candelario out on a popup thanks to an incredible play from Austin Riley. The ball was fouled behind the plate and missed the netting for Sean Murphy to attempt the catch but it bounced off of his glove. Fortunately for him, Austin Riley was right there to catch the ricochet for the second out. Vines completed the inning with a strikeout.

Umpiring is not the easiest job and they're human so mistakes will happen. However, when they happen in moments like that, it's hard to feel any sympathy toward them. That should be one of the easier parts of the job.

The Braves will hopefully be able to come back and win game 2 of this series with the Cubs as they hope to lock up home-field advantage through the playoffs.