Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr is one historic homer away from raising money for charity

Not only is Ronald on the brink of history, he is also one homer shy of getting someone their first tattoo.
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Ronald Acuña Jr. has been putting up historic numbers all season for the Atlanta Braves. As the 2023 regular season comes to a close, Acuña Jr. finds himself as the betting favorite to win the NL MVP award. We have long known the talent Ronald Acuña Jr. has, but that didn’t stop one man from betting against him.

The Ronald Acuna Jr. Tattoo Wager

For more than a few seasons now, there has been a long-standing bet that if Acuña Jr. joined the 40 homers, 40 stolen bases club (which has only been done by FOUR players in MLB history) a certain someone would get a tattoo to commemorate the accomplishment. The man behind this bet is none other than former HTHB site expert, and current FanSided national staff writer, Eric Cole.

Back in spring training of 2021, Eric decided to tweet that if sir Ronald Acuña Jr. had a 40/40 season he would get a tattoo. The internet has NOT let Eric forget about this bet ever since.

As a result we have been blessed with the entertainment from Mr. Cole’s Twitter (or X, but no one calls it that) every single time Ronnie swipes a bag or goes yard. The sweating gifs have come in bunches to say the least.

Now this has obviously been a fun ride and way to keep track on Ronald’s historic season, but we find ourselves at the light at the end of the tunnel. After Acuña’s two homer game Tuesday night against the Phillies, he now sits one homer shy of finally joining the 40/40 club.

With this reality fast approaching, Eric has taken the liberty to set up a great way to partner good human deeds with baseball history.

A GoFundMe (link will be provided at the end of this article) was set up to raise money for autism research. Over $1,300 has already been raised, and he is nearly halfway to the goal set for said tattoo. If the goal is exceeded or Ronald fails to hit another homer this season, all the money raised goes directly to the Organization of Autism Research all the same.

A very worthy cause that is near and dear to many hearts throughout baseball. Eric has constantly touched on why this is an important cause to him and his feelings are echoed throughout the baseball community. In case you missed it, the Braves own Matt Olson had a heartwarming article put together on him by’s Anthony Castrovince, detailing Olson’s partnership with ReClif, another great austism awareness foundation.

The information you need

Ronald has long surpassed the stolen base threshold (he currently has 67), so now we await one final homer for Acuña Jr. to become the first 40/40 player since Alfonso Soriano in 2006. If you so feel inclined to help donate to this tattoo ceremony, and this great cause, you can do so by clicking this link here.

Ronald has had a magical season, and has nine games remaining to hit his 40th home run. When Eric was asked for a statement on this wager, it was no surprise to hear him say “At least it is for a good least that is what I keep telling myself.”

So one final thank you to Ronald Acuña Jr. for being awesome and to Eric for allowing me to write this story, as well as all who help support a historic baseball season and a great charity at the same time. These last couple weeks should be fun.