Braves scout compares newly signed prospect to future Hall of Famer

When Braves Latin American scout, Jonathan Cruz caught a glimpse of the latest Braves prospect he knew Atlanta had to sign him.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game One
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game One / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The International Signing Period opened up on a couple days ago, and the Braves landed the third ranked prospect on MLB's top 50 international prospect's list in Jose Perdomo. At just 17 years-old, Perdomo immediately slots in as one of Atlanta's best prospects in the organization.

Described as one of the "best pure hitters" in the 2024 IFA class, Perdomo left Braves scouts in awe when they got a chance to watch him in action. Braves Latin America Scout, Jonathan Cruz, said Atlanta saw Perdomo hitting in Venezuela as early as the age of 12. Cruz went on to say Atlanta's scouting department was amazed at Perdomo's performance against much older and supremely talented pitchers.

Signing Perdomo is huge boost to the Braves farm system as it attempts to replenish the talent that the major league team has siphoned off. Getting the right guys in the IFA market is vital for Braves teams of the future, just as the yearly amature June draft is.

Cruz spoke on the vision Alex Anthopoulos has for the international market, saying when they identify an IFA prospect they really like, Alex is among the best in getting the deal done. Signing prospects as prominent as Perdomo will certainly rank high in AA's offseason to do list every year.

Perdomo draws a lofty comparison

Yesterday afternoon Braves beat reporter, Justin Toscano of the AJC, detailed the Braves pursuit of Perdomo. The news included a quote that got Braves fans buzzing. The quote I'm speaking of is Cruz's comparison between Jose Perdomo, and future hall of famer Miguel Cabrera.

Now that is obviously a HUGE expectation to place on a now 17 year-old kid, but Cruz stated it's simply from the similarities in hitting styles the two Venezuelan's shared at that age. No one is saying Perdomo is destined to go out and produce a career 67.8 fWAR and 139 wRC+ like Miggy did, but those kind of bat to ball skills being inserted into Atlanta's system certainly isn't a bad thing.

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