Braves Rumors: 3 potential trade deadline targets not named Shohei Ohtani

In a time that can only be personified as Christmastime for baseball fans everywhere, the end of July brings with it a collective of misty-eyed, eager-hearted fans, filled with expectations and hope for their loyal teams as the trade deadline looms closer and closer.

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Blake Snell
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Blake Snell

Leading the helm of one of the most potential-packed teams in baseball, Snell brings with him a loaded resume, a killer slider, and a reputation as a prominent lefty in any rotation he finds himself in. 

The genesis of Snell’s career in San Diego saw him struggling out of the gate, posting an ERA of 4.20 with a 7-6 record, A 1.200 WHIP,  a 7.1 H/9, and 170 K’s, to boot. As his stay extended from months to years in sunny Southern California, he found himself re-adjusting to his 2018 Cy Young form. 

Through the 2023 season, Snell is firing a league-best 2.67 ERA on a 6-8 record with an HR/9 of 0.9, 143 K’s, and a league-best 153 ERA+. Clearly, a couple of years of adjustment transformed Snell from a struggling former Cy Young winner to a proven starter instilling unease and intimidation into the eyes of those he faces. 

Over his last seven games started, Snell is 4-2 with a staggeringly low 0.69 ERA through 39 innings pitched, striking out 62 while only giving up three runs. All signs are pointing to a redemption season for Snell, who is likely looking to re-cement himself as a true force to be reckoned with on the mound. 

There’s just one problem, however. 

While the announcement via ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez is saying that Preller is unlikely to move Snell at the deadline, his performance this season may create more demand than anticipated, causing Preller to change his tune and cash in on his scintillating southpaw.