Braves News: Spring training storylines, Braves baseball cards, more

Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays
Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

It was a quiet day on the news front for the Atlanta Braves on Monday. As of right now, the minor league guys are rolling into camp or, in many cases, already down in Florida working out. Starting next week, we will have the big league guys reporting to camp and we will begin to get some resolution to the last of the Braves' roster questions going into the 2023. Yesterday, we ran down some of the storylines that are going to be the most intriguing this year in spring training.

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Going in a different direction, we posted a look at collecting Atlanta Braves baseball cards going into the 2023 products. While baseball card collecting has gotten significantly more expensive and complicated in recent years, this may also be the period of time where collectors have the most options available to them in terms of how to collect. We are going to be doing more baseball card collecting content here at HTHB during the next year to help folks of all interest and budget levels get into the hobby if they so desire.

MLB News

Ian Kinsler was a very good infielder for a long time including being a four time All-Star in the big leagues with his work with the Texas Rangers being the most notable. I honestly did a double take when I saw that he had accumulated 54.1 rWAR in his 14 seasons in the big leagues....that is a hell of a player. Kinsler last played in the majors in 2019, but he is now returning to where his career started as the Rangers are bringing him on as a special assistant to the general manager.

Spring training announcements are coming in from around the league and the Cubs are bringing in a very interesting player as Pet Crow-Armstrong, who was key piece in the return in the Javier Baez trade, has gotten an invite to big league spring training. Crow-Armstrong is one of the better center field prospects in all of baseball, although for the moment the big league spot is currently being occupied by Cody Bellinger.