Braves News: The most exciting spring training battle, minor league signing, more

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages

The Atlanta Braves have been in spring training for just under a week (well, at least officially) and so far things have seemingly gone quite well. Other than a minor health setback for Mike Soroka, the Braves' players have appeared to be healthy and getting right after it in camp.

That's good news because the Braves have some roster choices to make going into 2023. We have talked a lot about the situation at shortstop, but the most exciting battle in spring training is likely to be out in left field where the Braves have several options to choose from. If Eddie Rosario can find himself again after a lost 2022 season, that would be ideal. However, the Braves have some other really interesting options especially if they can unlock something with those guys.

More Braves News

February is Black History Month and we couldn't let the month go by without talking about not only the Braves' first African-American player, but also their first Rookie of the Year Sam Jethroe. While his healthy ultimately didn't hold up, when he first arrived in the big leagues, had a fascinating combination of world class speed and bat-to-ball ability.

Finally, the Braves added some more pitching depth to their minor league system as they signed Tyree Thompson to a minor league deal. Thompson hasn't exactly rocketed up the minor league ranks, but the Braves typically don't add guys unless they think they have some upside.

MLB News

The White Sox have a second baseman now and it is a player that was a popular Braves offseason earlier this offseason (at least among Braves beat writers) as they signed Elvis Andrus to a one year deal. Andrus will make $3 million in 2023 and will get the playing time it sounds like he was after. Also, that means the Braves are going to be counting on one of Vaughn Grissom or Orlando Arcia to really take a big step forward this spring.

We also had some league news over the weekend as it was reported by The Athletic that MLB is forming an Economic Reform Committee. The impetus for this committee is undoubtedly Bally Sports' impending bankruptcy which is likely to really mess with a bunch of team's finances. However, with guys like Dick Monfort on the committee, one cannot help but be a little spooked by the notion that this committee's findings and recommendations could end up being a prime focus of the next CBA negotiations.