Braves News: Former Atlanta catcher emerges as a favorite for a managerial position

It seems like the Atlanta Braves organization produces successful coaches and managers at the Major League level. As talks are heating up, another former Bravo just may be the skipper of a big league ball club. 

Atlanta Braves Postseason Workout
Atlanta Braves Postseason Workout / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

Going into this off-season there are four teams looking for their new manager. The Atlanta Braves are hoping to retain Ron Washington while the Guardians, Mets, Giants and Angels fill their vacant positions. One of these four teams have their eyes on a former Braves player. 

Stephen Vogt, who played with the Atlanta Braves in the 2021 season and has a World Series ring to prove it, has emerged as a serious candidate for the Cleveland Guardians managerial position according to Jeff Passan.

Vogt spent the majority of his playing career with the Oakland A’s (6 seasons) and was a catcher, first baseman and outfielder. He made two all-star appearances for the A’s in 2015 and 2016. Playing multiple positions and being a catcher could translate very well into being a successful manager. 

As a catcher who is responsible for calling pitches, Vogt spent a lot of time trying to understand situations and how to respond to them. He had to know the hitter's strengths and weaknesses, his pitcher’s best stuff and get into the minds of opponents. This is exactly what a manager has to do. 

After playing a decade in the big leagues and fresh into retirement, Stephen Vogt seems like a prime candidate for a management position. He is just 38 years old and has experience as a player in the new era of baseball. The relationships he could build among his players solely on his youth compared to most managers could lead to a lot of success. 

Vogt being considered for this manager position feels a lot like when David Ross was interviewing for jobs and landed with the Chicago Cubs. The Guardians would be happy with this hire if they choose Vogt as their next skipper. 

If Vogt is not selected to take lead of the Guardians, do not be surprised for him to be considered for other openings around the league for any coaching positions.