Braves News: Chipper is back, MLB announces new rules, more

Jan 18, 2020; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Former Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones watches the Atlanta
Jan 18, 2020; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Former Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones watches the Atlanta / Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training is underway for the Atlanta Braves as we got reports of players rolling into camp. We were seeing reports of Ronald Acuna Jr. in camp and video of Spencer Strider throwing a bit. All is right in the world again.

However, it did also mean that we started getting news tidbits here and there. First and foremost, we had a report of a familiar face coming back to do a bit of coaching. Chipper Jones was not able to be a hitting consultant for the Braves last year, however it sounds like things have changed and barring any changes, it looks like Chipper will return in 2023 as a hitting consultant for the Braves.

More Braves News

We also got some news from the league yesterday as they announced new rules changes that made the zombie runner on second in extras a permanent rule as well as placed restrictions on when position players can pitch in games. The runner on second is a rule that many are not fond of (and the Braves are pretty bad at capitalizing on it), but it does shorten games. As for position players pitching, it is funny when it happens, but it was also starting to happen more frequently and in more competitive games recently so setting some boundaries there was probably the right call.

We also had an article go up that talked about some players that may not make the cut coming out of spring training. At the end of the day, it's a numbers game with the roster plus there are some guys that need to show that they can actually contribute to the club.

Finally, we had a deep dive into the arbitration process and why Max Fried is going to be just fine. Now this certainly doesn't mean that Fried will end up signing a long-term extension with the Braves, but it is worth highlightly that the arbitration process playing out doesn't mean that there is a ton of bad blood between the two sides.

MLB News

In sad news, Washington Nationals Ted Lerner passed away yesterday due to complications from pneumonia at the age of 97. While the Nationals have been bitter division rivals in the past, we are all still in the same baseball family and are thoughts are with his friends and family as well as with Nationals fans today. Lerner was instrumental in bringing baseball back to Washington DC and he really pushed to make them successful.

The St. Louis Cardinals got some news as well as it is was reported that president of baseball operations John Mozeliak is set to receive a two year year contract extension. As much as it may annoy us Braves fans for a number of reasons, the Cardinals have remained competitive for a long-time under Mozeliak's stewardship and the Cardinals could certainly do worse.