Braves immediately trade for another infielder after trading one away hours before

Atlanta's front office is in a wheeling and dealing mood today as they made their second trade in less than 12 hours.
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Earlier on Thursday, the Atlanta Braves decided to clean up their roster a bit by making a trade with the Angels to move Luis Guillorme to greener pastures. Guillorme wasn't playing much anyways and the Braves have David Fletcher to take that utility infielder bench spot. Was always a little weird that the Braves acquired both guys last offseason, but it all worked out in the end.

However, it appears as though the Braves still felt the need to have another infielder of questionable value. In fact, they weren't willing to wait until even the end of the day as they swung a trade with the Red Sox for infielder Zack Short.

Braves News: Atlanta swings trade with Boston for Zack Short

If Braves fans were looking for a move that is likely to move the needle much in 2024, prepare for disappointment. The Red Sox had just DFAed Short on Wednesday to make room for Romy Gonzalez and Nick Pivetta and the Braves thought he was worth taking a flier on with Guillorme headed out of town.

Short has a total of 19 plate appearances in 2024 between his time with the Mets and Red Sox and his .229 OPS doesn't exactly scream "we're going for it, boys!", but these sorts of moves aren't designed to make waves.

The Braves' infield is absolutely loaded with Austin Riley, Orlando Arcia, Ozzie Albies, and Matt Olson. Those guys are going to be playing nearly every single day and when they are off, Fletcher is the most likely option as the fill-in guy. Acquiring Short, who can play any position in the infield, as an emergency option is more than fine especially since he basically didn't cost anything other than a little cash.

While Braves fans aren't likely to be looking back at this move as an absolute heist for a future everyday player, it could prove really valuable especially if one of their everyday infielders goes down with an injury. Luck favors the prepared and the Braves are already getting ready for the stretch run here.

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