Braves grant fans wishes by announcing streaming schedule for remaining spring games

Atlanta Braves fans have been hoping for a way to see the team in action this spring. Now, they can!

Atlanta Braves infielder Jarred Kelenic (#24) and his teammates run sprints at the start of practice
Atlanta Braves infielder Jarred Kelenic (#24) and his teammates run sprints at the start of practice / Mike Lang / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Braves have already played a handful of Spring Training games so far but if you ask Braves fans, they may as well have played zero. Aside from a few highlights, fans who haven't made the trip down to Florida have been in the dark.

Thankfully, that's about to change. Starting on Thursday, February 29, the Braves will stream all remaining home Spring Training games from CoolToday Park on

Our friends at Battery Power have already updated their Spring Training schedule to show which games are available to watch. The team will have a live video stream and commentary will be provided from the Braves Radio Network.

This is huge news for Atlanta fans who have been hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite team as they ramp up to the regular season. So far, the social media accounts have been relatively quiet when it comes to posting highlights.

After Michael Harris II started spring training with a bang on the first pitch, fans scoured the internet for a highlight, only to come up empty. It was only when one fan at the game posted the highlight thirteen minutes later were Braves able to see how hard and far Money Mike hit the ball.

There's only a 12-second highlight from Max Fried's 2024 spring debut on as well. It's one of two pitching highlights on the site as of the time of this writing.

The Braves Radio Network did share a post on X highlighting a nice diving catch from Jarred Kelenic and the aforementioned Fried outing.

Thankfully, with this announcement, Braves fans won't have to rely on this method of consuming Braves-related ST news for the majority of camp. Fans will get a chance to see their high-powered offense get into shape for another World Series push.

There are still a few road games that won't be streamed on opposing teams' networks, but in total, Braves fans with cable will be able to see 19 of the remaining 29 games. Braves fans with MLB.TV will also have access to two additional games. Overall, this is an exciting announcement for fans who expected to only get to see a handful of games.

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