Braves are headed to Spring Training with a ridiculous amount of sunflower seeds

Spring Training games start on February 24th. The Braves let the social media world know they are ready to go.

Braves Fest
Braves Fest / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

On Monday, the Atlanta Braves posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that they were loaded up and departing to Florida in preparation for Spring Training. Games start on February 24th but obviously players will be reporting well before then. With 23 additional non-roster invitees tagging along, more equipment will be needed but how much more?

The Braves social media team shared that their cargo consisted of 100 batting helments, 400 pairs of pants, 8 rolling carts, 12 pairs of catching gear and 1,200 bags of sunflower seeds. This is normal, right? Or is it?

12 pairs of catching gear may seem like too much, but what really created some conversation across social media (including here at HTHB) was the amount of sunflower seeds mentioned. We know that nearly every ballplayer from the time they are in Little League enjoys sunflower seeds but to some, 1,200 bags seems excessive. This has created the opportunity for some great responses on social media.

The great debate becomes if 1,200 bags of sunflower seeds will be consumed by the Atlanta Braves in Spring Training or if there will be left overs. Since there is a significant increase in individuals consuming them than there would be in the regular season, our bet is that they will all be gone. However, others need more information to make a hypothesis.

What brand of seeds are there? What flavor variety is being provided? How big are the individual bags? These are all questions that could play a factor in guessing whether or not some sunflower seeds will survive Spring Training.

We would like to know if you think the seeds will make it or not! Let us know on our social media sites!

Of course our focus will remain what improvements the Braves have made this offseason and watch them plant the seed for 2024 (pun intended). We will get as much information as we can regarding the 1,200 bags of sunflower seeds and provide you all with updates as we can.

At the end of the day we are just like every other Braves fan out there. We're really excited baseball is close to being back.

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