Benchmarks to watch for as the Atlanta Braves offseason kicks into gear

The end of the World Series kickstarted the exciting part of the Atlanta Braves' offseason. Who stays, who goes, and how many new faces will wear the tomahawk next year?
Atlanta Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos will be a very busy man over the next month.
Atlanta Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos will be a very busy man over the next month. / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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The Atlanta Braves have already provided partial answers about the 2024 roster, signing Pierce Johnson to a two-year deal and Joe Jiménez for three years, and the Orioles claimed Sam Hilliard.

The first benchmark came yesterday when free agency officially started with several players, including Ben Heller, electing free agency. Free agents may re-sign with their original club now but have to wait five days to sign with a new team. Here are the dates to watch.

Free Agents And Meetings

First out of the box is next Monday, November 6, the day free agents are...well, free.

  • The five-day waiting period for Free agents ends.
  • Clubs and players must make final decisions on options.
  • Clubs must announce Qualifying Offers by 4:00 pm Central time.

Among the more well-known players to decline options so far are former Atlanta Brave Jorge Soler with the Marlins, Seth Lugo with the Padres, and Whit Merrifield with the Blue Jays.

The first meeting of the season starts on Tuesday when general managers (presidents of baseball operations) meet in Scottsdale to decide what the owners will talk about at the Winter Meetings. Trades can happen at the GM meetings but generally don’t.

Free Agent Take It Or Leave It Day

While the GMs are in Arizona, the Owners Meeting is happening in Arlington – I’d like to attend, but no one’s invited me. I know, shocking oversight, isn’t it? 

The top of their agenda is to vote on the Athletics' move to Las Vegas, which will pass without much discussion. The only question about the move is where the Athletics will play for the three years it takes to build the new ballpark in Vegas.

The 14th is also the day players who received this year’s $20.325M qualifying offer must say yes or no. Players declining must understand who they are in the grand scheme of things.