Atlanta Braves: Welcome to the House That Hank Built

MLB All-Star Game
MLB All-Star Game / John Vawter Collection/GettyImages

Well hello, Atlanta Braves fans! By now, you have probably noticed that some things have changed here at the site. I am very excited to announce that the site has rebranded and will be known as the House that Hank Built going forward. A new name to go along with our new look. I know that many of you will have questions and I am going to do my best to answer them here

The process of rebranding the site has been going on for quite some time. For me personally, that meant helping pick a name that had a strong connection to the team and its history while also avoiding sterile, corporate sounding names. Braves Country covers a wide swath of the country with fans from all over, so we wanted to have a name that spoke to as many fans as possible. This is a site by and for Braves fans and we want to appeal to those who care a lot about the team.

We thought that one figure that virtually all fans agree screams a connection to the Braves is Hank Aaron and with his passing in 2021, paying tribute to him felt right. We considered some sort of 755 name, but it seems like everyone (including the team itself) has branded that to death to the point where it felt like we would be forcing a name choice based on availability in terms of URLs and trademarks that we wouldn’t be thrilled with. Once the House that Hank Built got floated, the team got on board with that quickly and I am thrilled that that is where we ended up.

That is pretty much it. We are going to continue to provide the same Braves coverage we always have, if not more. We have big plans for expanded coverage of the major and minor leagues for 2023 and beyond. We are just getting a fresh coat of paint and we look forward to delivering loads of Braves content to you going forward.