Atlanta Braves Prospects: Drew Lugbauer Continues to Slug(bauer) in Mississippi

Drew Lugbauer has made a name for himself in Pearl Mississippi. Let's take a look at his 2023 down in AA.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Drew Lugbauer will not be found on any top prospect lists for the Atlanta Braves. The twenty-six-year-old will however be found in the heart of those native to Pearl Mississippi. He has been a mainstay in the Magnolia State since 2021.

During his third campaign in AA, he is putting together the best year of his career. In 63 games, 247 plate appearances, Drew "Slugbauer" is hitting .278/.389/.646 20 HR, 38 R, 53 RBI, 2 SB with a .443 wOBA & 163 wRC+. In 277 career games in AA, Lugbauer has hit 66 HRs, the most ever by a Mississippi Brave.

He came to the organization as a catcher but has since moved off that position. He now mostly plays either first base or designated hitter for the Mississippi club. He also has played left field for 1 inning during his entire time with the Braves and it came this year.

Obviously, I am now ready for him to get a look in left field more often to see if he can help the big league club. I am mostly joking but not entirely joking if you understand me.

Jokes aside, Drew Lugbauer is having a fabulous season down in Pearl, Mississippi. It is one that needs to be highlighted. He has done just about everything there is to do as a member of the Mississippi Braves. He might as well be called Mr. Mississippi. He has set several records as a position player there, and even had the first three home run game at Trustmark Park!

It is the fifth time this has happened for any member of the Mississippi Braves. Drew Lugbauer will always be the first man to accomplish this feat at Trustmark Park.

In all honesty, it is hard to see where Slugbauer would fit in for the Atlanta Braves. Matt Olson occupies first base and Marcell Ozuna is playing a solid enough Designated Hitter. The only real option would be if he could just be serviceable in left field and that might be an adventure.

It would help that Michael Harris would be to his left, however, it might be too big of a risk to see Lugbauer in the outfield.

I do not know if he will ever find his way to Atlanta. I am rooting for him to at least get a taste of the bigs one day though. I met him when I worked for the Rome Braves a few years ago and he was always nice anytime we interacted.

He almost killed me with a batting practice home run he hit to the top of Home Run Hill in Rome. I was helping set up for a birthday party and he hit it up into the pavilion we were under.

Once again, Lugbauer is putting together a great year at the plate in Mississippi. While he may not have any prospect shine, I wanted to highlight another great year for Drew Lugbauer. Keep sluggin Slugbauer.