Atlanta Braves: Pete Alonso reminded fans why he is a total goober last night

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages
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Pete Alonso is a worthy villain

Now without piling on here it has to be said Alonso did hit that hanging slider from Elder a very long way, so if he wants to celebrate via trash talk then so be it. But he can’t be upset when the Braves chirp back, and it was no other than the legend himself Tyler Matzek that decided to let the Mets dugout hear it once momentum swung back into the Braves dugout.

Pete Alonso leads all of baseball in home runs. He is a very feared hitter in this league and this post isn’t at all a suggestion that he doesn’t obliterate baseballs. You aren’t in the 95th percentile of barrel rate by an accident. But yelling at a rookie who was leading the league in ERA entering the ballgame, and telling him to throw what has statistically been one of the better pitches in all of baseball “again” isn’t the most flattering look for Alonso.

With the way the rest of last nights ballgame played out it felt like a reminder to everyone that early trash talk to the competition can certainly come back to bite. It’s as if the baseball gods themselves decided to put the cherry on top when Braves closer Raisel Iglesias blew Alonso away with a 98 mph fastball to start off the ninth. What followed was a look of pure defeat on Alonso’s face and enough memes on Braves Twitter to remind us why we love rivalries in sports.

Below are some of our favorites.

In the end, it was a 6-4 victory for the good guys, but don’t think Alonso and the Mets won’t come out geared up tomorrow. This certainly has the feel of a series that will have a ton of fireworks.