Atlanta Braves: Is Michael Harris II Really Better When Spencer Strider Starts?

Michael Harris II thinks he hits better when Spencer Strider is on the mound. Is that true? We have the numbers for you.
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Michael Harris II Actually Better When Spencer Strider Starts? Here are the Stats

Spencer Strider
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On the season, Harris is hitting .291. When Strider starts, Harris is hitting .347. His batting average is 19% better in games Strider starts.

So far this season, Harris is getting on base at a .340 clip. With Strider on the mound, it's .397. His OBP is 17% better when Strider starts.

Here's a big one. For the season, Harris is slugging .459. When the 'stache starts a game he is slugging a whopping .597! Harris' SLG is 30% higher than his season SLG when Strider starts!

What is going on!?

Harris has a solid .799 OPS on the season but it's .995 when in games Strider starts. It's just crazy.

Spencer Strider has started 21 games in which Michael Harris II has played this year. So you know, if you remove the Strider starts from the equation, then Harris' season numbers take a very significant hit. How big of a hit?

Michael Harris II games played started by Spencer Strider: 21%

Michael Harris II percent of season HRs hit in Strider starts: 27%

Michael Harris II percent of 2B hit in Strider starts: 42%

So, Strider has started in 21% of the games Michael Harris II has played. Harris has 42% of his doubles and 27% of his homers with Strider making the start.

Why is Michael Harris II better with Spencer Strider on the mound?

I think the answer is simple. Who doesn't get amped up when Spencer Strider takes the mound?