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Arizona Diamondbacks v Atlanta Braves
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A real pilot explains Terry McGuirk's "glideslope" comment regarding increasing the Braves' payroll

Terry McGuirk, Chairman of the Atlanta Braves
Terry McGuirk says Braves payroll is on a "glideslope" / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

It is also important to keep in mind that Terry McGuirk used the word "glideslope" when describing the increased payroll over the past three seasons.

What is a glideslope? A glideslope is... I decided to defer to an expert on how to interpret Terry McGuirk's comparison. McGuirk compared the Braves' increase in payroll to a landing instrument on an airplane. So naturally, I turned to an actual pilot to explain what Terry McGuirk meant with his "glideslope" remark.

Professional pilot David Mino explained, "A glideslope in aviation terms is a precise pass that takes you where you want to go (the runway). Without seeing the actual statement, I would assume he means carefully putting everything together to get on the exact path to winning."

When Dave asked if he could see the actual statement, I explained it was behind a paywall at AJC, and it turned out that even a super successful pilot is turned off by paywalls. I elaborated to Dave that McGuirk said it about the increasing payroll for the Atlanta Braves the past few seasons. Would it imply a steep increase in payroll or a gradual increase?

"Not steep or shallow, just a calculated 'nominal' descent to perfection," Dave explained.

I am actively looking for someone to interpret Dave's interpretation of Terry McGuirk's use of the word "glideslope."

So, if a glideslope is used to aid in the landing of a plane and professional pilot David Mino called it a "descent to perfection," it leads me to visualize a downward trajectory. Perhaps McGuirk was imagining going backward up the downward slope of a landing plane. Even in that case, it sounds like we shouldn't expect a drastic increase in spending or suddenly bursting through the second tier of CBT taxes.

Thanks to David Mino (flyer of planes) for his contribution.

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