Atlanta Braves: Fred McGriff to be inducted into Hall of Fame with no team logo

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While this news may not be the most welcome amongst Atlanta Braves fans, we can certainly understand where Fred McGriff is coming from. When the Crime Dog was selected for induction into Cooperstown this offseason, fans across the league celebrated as McGriff is widely considered to be a candidate that should have gotten more love from Hall of Fame voters when he was on the ballot.

However, the question of what logo would be on his hat was a tricky one. He may be best remembered from his time with the Atlanta Braves, but he also spent a significant amount of time with the Padres, Blue Jays, and Rays in his career. In the end, McGriff couldn't choose and he will be inducted with no team logo on his plaque.

Again, one can understand where Fred is coming from. He holds the fan bases of all of his stops in high regard and didn't want to include one team at the expense of the others. McGriff even went as far as to put out a statement explaining the decision.

Anyone who has interacted with McGriff will tell you that he is the definition of a class guy who appreciated what a privilege it was to be a major league baseball player. While one could argue for one organization or the other, the reality is that the Hall of Fame is a celebration of a player's entire career and if they don't want to choose, it doesn't diminish anything.

Scott Rolen, however, did not have any issue picking as he will be inducted into Cooperstown as a Cardinal. While Rolen spent a big chunk of time with the Phillies to start his career (as well as spent time with the Blue Jays and Reds), Rolen's less than amicable split with the Phillies and the fact that Rolen blossomed in St. Louis ultimately led him to deciding on a Cardinals cap for his Hall of Fame plaque.