Atlanta Braves direction as the Winter Meetings begin isn’t a secret

Braves beat reporters asked Alex Anthopoulos the same questions they've asked in the past at the start of the Winter Meetings, and he answered, but we know no more now than we did yesterday.
Atlanta Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos answered questions  before the start of the Winter Meetings
Atlanta Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos answered questions before the start of the Winter Meetings / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports
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Baseball's Winter Meetings opened today with Atlanta Braves front office staff in attendance. / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Do the Atlanta Braves need pitching?

It wasn’t posed as an ITSST question, but asked about pitching, Anthopoulos said they had the number but could use more.

We know from past experience that Fried’s blister could reappear anytime, Morton is older and not likely to give a lot of innings, and Elder’s first half of 2023 is an outlier, not the norm. Lopez may return to the rotation, but he may also end up in the pen.

I suspect any Atlanta Braves fan can name five starters now on the roster or in the system that could start games next year, but Anthopoulos had to answer that question too.

He also said the current pitching pool." wouldn't stop them from adding another in the right deal." No POBO or GM who wants to keep the job will turn down the right deal if it drops on the desk. 

GMs get paid to make the right deal – a deal that improves their team at the right price in dollars, prospects, or a combination of the two, and pass on the wrong ones.

Atlanta Braves additions and deals not made

When it comes to player acquisitions, the Atlanta Braves front office doesn’t leak information. Agents may leak information to improve their client’s market, and another team may hint at a proposed trade to get a better deal elsewhere, but the Braves front office doesn’t leak.

Asked about the team’s attempts to add players other than those we know about, he said the Braves had tried.

Anthopoulos stepped directly on the neck of writers who wrote, tweeted, or said in a live interview that they knew what the team had offered a player.

The Braves made an offer or offers to one or more players but the specific offers quoted by any writer anywhere weren't correct. Until deals are formally announced, any published deal is pure speculation and didn't come from the Braves.