Atlanta Braves: 5 Players to Worry About Ahead of ‘23 Postseason

With everything going right for the Braves, we take a look at five players who could easily have things go wrong at the wrong time.

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs
Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Braves just finished off their fourth-straight win last night against the Giants. They currently hold the best record in baseball with 79 wins and 42 losses. They are currently the favorites to win the World Series in 2023.

The Braves have a lot of superstars they know they can rely on. I don't think anyone is worrying about Ronald Acuna Jr. having a cold spell right when we need him most (although, it is baseball).

Today we will take a look at five players that can cause anxiety, with good reason. Some of these guys are new to the team and you might just need a little background information on them. Overall, these are just some red flags on the resumes we need to know about.

However, the Braves have the smartest front office in baseball. They also have one of the best coaching staff. How else does Jorge Soler go from hitting sub-.200 in 2021 to being a Braves' One-Year Legend? Some of them, you've seen the inconsistencies in the past. We'll give you a roadmap of things to worry about during the postseason when these players are on your television screen.

There's one caveat here, we are all rooting for positive outcomes and another World Championship! I need more memorabilia on my wall. So click "next" and prepare yourself for the Braves' postseason run.