Atlanta Braves 4 Worst Defensive Players of 2023 (So Far)

We take a look at the worst defensive players on the best team in baseball so far.
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Eddie Rosario of the Atlanta Braves
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Atlanta Braves Worst Defensive Players of 2023: Eddie Rosario

Eddie Rosario has made a lot of us mad this season. His overall DRS is in the negative but not like eye-popping bad. However, you know he doesn't pass the old eye test when you watch. I will not take the time to verify this, but I'm pretty sure he's responsible for one full run on Spencer Strider's ERA.

So, what's the deal? It feels like Rosario doesn't get to all kinds of balls he should. Well, his range is not good according to OAA. He ranks in the 51st percentile in the league. It's not as bad as Facebook fans might think it is, but it's not great. It's just in the middle.

I guess we really hold onto those egregious misplays and don't give him credit for when he makes up for them. Maybe he's not so bad.

Games like this one seem to stick with us.

Watch this one, it'll make you mad.

Now watch this one, it's from the same game. Mad.

I guess Eddie isn't that bad, but he's not that good either. He was in the 20th-ish percentiles the past two seasons... but that's not this year. Even still, I'm going to credit him with the eye test and memorably bad plays to get him on the list. The truth is, the Braves have been pretty good defensively,

Eddie Rosario is one of the few regulars that's actually got a negative DRS. Even then, it's just -2 right after 715 innings. Nonetheless, on the list he goes.

For what it's worth, his DEF rating of -2.0 is the fourth-worst on the team.