Atlanta Braves 4 Worst Defensive Players of 2023 (So Far)

We take a look at the worst defensive players on the best team in baseball so far.
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Introduction to the 4 Worst Defensive Players on the Atlanta Braves in 2023

The Atlanta Braves have a lot going well for them. A real fan wouldn't look for things to complain about. So, don't consider this complaining. Let's just consider it an appreciation for all the great things we have going, like Orlando Arcia! Because... Oh, what it might have been without him.

So without further adieu, here they are in no particular order.

Ronald Acuna Jr., Vaughn Grissom of the Atlanta Braves
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Atlanta Braves Worst Defensive Players of 2023: Vaughn Grissom

Many thought and assumed that Vaughn Grissom would be the obvious starting shortstop coming out of camp. This is the guy that would replace Dansby Swanson, and everybody knew it.

Grissom had a solid bat last year but his glove was so unworthy of a major-league shortstop position that he moved in with Ron Washington and wore his glove 24 hours a day. He had to learn to eat his cereal out of it like a bowl, wash his car with it, and work a summer job as a Subway sandwich artist, all while wearing his mitt. Wash has his ways.

Even then, that wasn't enough to turn Grissom into a major-league shortstop. The poor guy appeared in 158 innings at SS for the Braves and posted an awful -7 DRS. Remember when Arcia came back from his injury and they didn't even send him on a rehab assignment? They were like, "Dude, take the Band-Aid off and get back in the lineup!" Arcia could have had one arm amputated and they were still sending Vaugh Grissom down. They couldn't wait to send him down!

Grissom was on a 135-game pace for -53 defensive runs saved. I know shortstop is possibly the hardest position to play, but he was on a -10 pace at 2B in his rookie season. Grissom might be better suited for an outfield role. For now, his atrocious 158 innings at shortstop for the Braves have placed him on this list.

Sometimes I feel guilty about the things I write. The truth is that these stats are comparing Vaughn to some of the best baseball players/athletes in the world.

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