Atlanta Braves: 3 Reasons You Haven't Heard the Last of Michael Soroka

Atlanta Braves RHP Michael Soroka is done for the season. Despite years of setbacks, here are three reasons you have not heard the last of him.
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Michael Soroka Refuses to Quit

Michael Soroka
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Getting to the big leagues takes a certain level of determination and work ethic, in and of itself. However, Soroka has ruptured his Achilles tendon twice and hasn't pitched since 2020. Ten months after his first surgery, Soroka stepped through a doorway and ruptured it again. Not only would that be terribly disheartening, but it has to create a lot of fear.

After nine months of rehabilitation, Soroka faced another nine or 10 months just to get back to where he was. Plus, it isn't like he was performing any risky physical activities. The guy stepped through a doorway. That has to create a sense of distrust in your body while working through rehab toward a comeback.

Big Mike appeared to maintain a positive attitude toward his misfortune and his future.

"This process is not something I'd wish on somebody," said Soroka, "But I know I'll be stronger from it. I'm looking forward to that day when I can look back and draw strength from this entire process."

So, Soroka continued to work. It was miraculous that he made it back in 2023. It was miraculous that he even put himself in a position for us to speculate about how much he could contribute to the Braves rotation in 2023. Give all the credit to Michael Soroka and his work ethic.

Manager Brian Snitker had this to say regarding Soroka's work ethic and drive to return from the injuries:

"After everything he's been through, holy cow, there ain't nothing going to stunt that guy," Snitker said. "He's had everything thrown at him you can probably have these last few years and handled it all. He's a strong individual."