Atlanta Braves: 3 Reasons Jesse Chavez should be an All-Star and 2 why he shouldn't

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Two reasons why he won't make it

An unfortunate injury

As I was researching and writing this article, Miguel Cabrera hit a rocket up the middle that caught Chavez's shin. While the righty was able to avoid serious injury, he wasn't able to avoid an IL stint.

Chavez won't be eligible to return from the IL until the end of the month, right around the time MLB selects its All-Stars.

Our favorite middle reliever only has 29 innings in the books. Most All-Star relievers will have close to 40. Even though Chavez has a great ERA, there are 12 pitchers at the time of this writing who have sub-2.00 ERAs and who will likely have more innings than Chavez by the time he gets off the IL.


Simply put, it is an All-STAR Game. As much as Braves fans adore the 4-stint Brave, he doesn't quite have the global marketability of an Alexis Díaz or Josh Hader (or even Daniel Bard, who is rocking the wildest ERA/FIP difference I've ever seen).

Additionally, there's no rule requiring that the NL and AL All-Star teams have relievers on their rosters. If the players and the Commissioner's Office want to stuff the team with starters, the pitchers who generally get more publicity, they could do that.

After all, it would be very easy to fill the NL squad with the top 10 starters in the league and then use the last few spots on relievers like Josh Hader, David Bednar, Camilo Doval, and Alexis Díaz.

Will Jesse Chavez be an All-Star in 2023?

If you had asked me when I first thought of this article, I would've said "no." After all, closers often get the nod before other relievers, and I would have expected the relievers who are chosen to be on teams that aren't any good.

If you had asked me once I started this research, I would have said "yes." After all, Jesse Chavez has pitched remarkably similar to the non-closing relievers who have made the All-Star game in the last decade.

But, if you asked me today, the day the righty with the fun hats was placed on the IL, I would say "maybe?" After all, he did manage to avoid serious injury and the Braves will only play 13 games while he's on the IL. Surely six or seven innings won't make the difference between Jesse representing the Braves in Seattle this July or not, right?