Atlanta Braves: 3 Reasons Jesse Chavez should be an All-Star and 2 why he shouldn't

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Three reasons Jesse Chavez should be an All-Star

1. He's the 2nd-best non-closer in baseball (by ERA)

If the Commissioner's Office and the players are looking solely at ERA when deciding on which relievers they want in Seattle this July, Jesse has a strong case. Among all NL relievers with at least 20 innings pitched, Jesse Chavez has the 3rd best ERA. Only Daniel Bard and Josh Hader have a better ERA.

2. He's backing it up with a career year

Chavez hasn't been getting super lucky either. While his 2.48 FIP is nearly a run higher, it's still the 6th-best among NL relievers (closers and non-closers). His K% is in the 90th percentile among all pitchers. This is despite throwing a fastball in the 7th percentile in velocity and 34th percentile in spin. He just gets outs.

3. It would be his first All-Star game

Jesse won't be the oldest first-time All-Star ever — Tim Wakefield was 42 when he was selected to his first one in 2009 and Satchel Paige was 47 — But he would be among the oldest.

And, unlike some other players, who simply get the nod because of their storied careers (*cough* Cal Ripken Jr. in 2001 *cough*), Chavez has earned it.

Now, we look at why, despite all of that, he may not end up making the All-Star Game.